Marching Forward

So much has happened, but I haven’t processed it all yet, so it still hasn’t really hit me.  Maybe it’s because I can’t really see the accomplishments, and since I have a terrible habit of measuring my accomplishments in objects as appose to actions, it wouldn’t look like much in front of me.  So I wrote it down in order to have merit.  They are as follows, in no particular order:

Helped my best friend finish packing as she moved across country ( Portland, OR, you are very lucky)

Went to FL to visit some old and dear friends

Formed an LLC

Finished my business plan

Cold called a broker

Started my loan applications ( note: started, but haven’t finished)

So far this is looking like a pretty balanced list.  Notice the ratio of business and pleasure.

For February being such a short month, I definitely feel as though I’ve accomplished a lot.  However, I wasn’t feeling that way at the beginning of the month. I began February stuck in the mental grind of drudgery.  The snow, the cold, the insurmountable task list. So I begin the one day at a time approach.  Making ‘to do’ lists, just to cross items off.  Slowly, but surely, each task got handled. Not measuring my current self’s productivity to my old self’s productivity also had it’s advantages.  Too often I measure myself up to my peers, and my past accomplishments.  I had to remind myself everyday that that was then, this is now.  ( I highly recommend this notion)  Seeing all the accomplishments listed, however small they may seem on paper, really feels like something.  Some of these tasks were really hard on my emotions, like helping my friend Whitney move.  She’s been a huge part of my life in Chicago and has been my number one pusher from the get go.  If I had a motive, Whitney thought I could do it.  Alas, she was ready for a change of scenery, and in my own way, I was too with my own aspirations.

Other tasks were daunting on paper, but in reality, weren’t that hard at all.  Forming a company this day in age is not difficult. There’s search engines and sites designed to help you ask yourself all the introspective questions about how you want your business to run, and how much of it will impact you, the owner.  After that, it’s just a matter of filing and writing a check.  Then you wait…. and wait some more… and then you come back from a vacation in Florida only to find that they’ve stamped your approval and you can go about your day. ( I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I felt just seeing the stamp of approval though!)

I know I have direction, but when moving toward a goal so big, I sometimes lose sight of it.

To build on the momentum, after thinking about how to execute pop ups around Chicago, I was approached by Meghan of Baker Miller Bakery and Mill House, who offered their bakery to host a pizza dinner.  The more we talked, the more excited I got.  Use their flour? Sure!  Should we sell tickets? Yes!  Maybe make it a residency for a month and see how it goes? Yes and Yes!  So now the next project at hand is, well, you know, figuring all of that out.  Marching forward in deed.  I’ll keep everyone posted with updates.


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